Pho 24

One of the real marks of success is when something is so widely understood that people can use it as the base of a joke.

This appeared posted to my FB page today. Wonder what Trung would think?



Back home – missing Pho

I am sure that I am not the only one that misses those wonderful bowls of Pho. Maybe this article Read Here that lists some of the better Pho places around Sydney will go a little way to help.


City vs green environment.

One of the most amazing thing about my first trip to Vietnam was confronting the development of HCMC- the Bitexco Financial Tower was not what I was expecting.

This Designboom article Read Article Here provides an interesting artistic perspective of engaging the city and green space. No mater what you think about this initiative – I think it is worth engaging with the concept. The role of architecture in the new Vietnam is important to understand – it tells you much about the country – at many levels.




Andrew and Courtney while completing their very busy internships in HCMC hotels found time to venture back to KOTO for dinner.


They are very please to advise that the brass tag recognising the group’s donation is now displayed up on the wall.


Well done group – good to be able to help Jimmy in a small way in his amazing work at KOTO.

and Andrew thanks for the photos

Social Media

One of the reoccurring themes and topic of discussion on these tours has been the use of social media. This blog started its life because of my need to learn more about the technology and use of this type of communication. One of the papers that Tim and I worked one touched on the students use of social media and how it has the capacity to change the tourist experience.

One of the more interesting discussions was early in this tour when Tim Clements talked about his social media company and how he was using popular local DJs and product placement to generate sales for his new e cigarette company. Huge increases in sales he noted could be directly linked to mention on FB, clips on YouTube or photos on Instagram. This power of social media to sell I find interesting particularly when you look at some of the numbers involved.

Found this clip on YouTube while researching Da Nang



Occasionally one act of hospitality will ‘blow you away’. Surprisingly it happens here frequently, sadly in Aust far too infrequently.

On our nightly stroll out into the amazing chaos that is Hanoi Tim and I walked past bistro RuNam – how could we not venture into the sister bistro of the place we had eaten in Saigon.

Bearing the family trade mark of good design the place was set to offer an predictably good experience.

First a couple of photos of the interior.

I ordered an egg coffee

Delicious – but this level of sophistication was not unexpected. It is the story behind the next photo that is amazing both in terms of simply good service and because of the infuriating infrequency of this level of good intelligence service.

What is special about a couple of napkins and a sign displaying the free wifi password. Nothing really – EXCEPT the  napkins magically appeared as I wiped the first sip of devine egg coffee from the moustache and the wifi pass word prompted seconds after Tim pulled his phone out to google something. I had to remove the the constantly refilled water glass from the coaster for the photo. When dear reader did you last have the this level of service – were there preemptive intelligent service that understands your needs before you do.

I am very mpressed