Occasionally one act of hospitality will ‘blow you away’. Surprisingly it happens here frequently, sadly in Aust far too infrequently.

On our nightly stroll out into the amazing chaos that is Hanoi Tim and I walked past bistro RuNam – how could we not venture into the sister bistro of the place we had eaten in Saigon.

Bearing the family trade mark of good design the place was set to offer an predictably good experience.

First a couple of photos of the interior.

I ordered an egg coffee

Delicious – but this level of sophistication was not unexpected. It is the story behind the next photo that is amazing both in terms of simply good service and because of the infuriating infrequency of this level of good intelligence service.

What is special about a couple of napkins and a sign displaying the free wifi password. Nothing really – EXCEPT the  napkins magically appeared as I wiped the first sip of devine egg coffee from the moustache and the wifi pass word prompted seconds after Tim pulled his phone out to google something. I had to remove the the constantly refilled water glass from the coaster for the photo. When dear reader did you last have the this level of service – were there preemptive intelligent service that understands your needs before you do.

I am very mpressed


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