It’s not Accounting

An Important concept in these short term international student mobility tours is for students to undertake a range of activities that will give them an insight into the industry of their study choice in the cross cultural context. When I look at the to At the  itinerary of some of my colleagues in accounting you see visits to well-known international accounting and consulting practice practices and such like. While I am sure these are fun and insightful it makes me very glad to have spend my career focus on the hospitality and leisure industries.

So remembering the  students on this tour are hospitality, tourism and sport management students let’s have a look at their day.

It is hard waking up in a five star hotel. The beds at the Carevelle are fabulous – like sleeping on a cloud I was informed. Down to the buffet breakfast – so many choices.

Checkout and onto the bus for the drive to the Cu Chi tunnels. A famous area during the war and now a major tourist venue. The trip out broken by a drive through a village to contrast city and country and a stop at a rubber plantation to learn about a major agricultural product.

At the tunnels students are given insight into the war from the Vietnamese perspective and the chance to experience crawling in a tunnel, fox holes, fighting trenches  and lethal booby traps.

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Cu Chi tunnels

From the tunnels it was off to lunch at this restaurant.

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A frantic drive but to the airport to catch our flight to Da Nang. What with the traffic we only just made it – a bit to stressful for the old Buddha but I now know what “I am driving as fast as I *+^%# can” is in Vietnamese.

It is only a short flight to Da Nang – about an hour.

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Flight to Da Nang

Da Nang – a quick tour of the city centre then to the Northern Hotel – another property, and different again to the two hotels already stayed in.

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TIme for a quick shower – you needed it travelling in the humid heat then out to dinner.


Chinese themed restaurant

But the day is not over yet one more thing before they can rest. A visit to a local very popular nightclub.

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looks like a fun day- it was but what is missing from this post is the conversations of the students that embrace a wide range of topics. Servicescapes,  staffing, promotions, social media as engagement, tour planning, tourism and the economy, operational issues in a criterial context and legislation.

No it is not accounting but it is worthwhile – the leisure industries are major contributors to our economies. Future career professionals need to understand not just the Australian market but globally as well. Hopefully today helped.

and yes I had fun.


One thought on “It’s not Accounting

  1. I can honestly say reflecting back on the tour, and the trip to Vietnam as a whole. This day was by far the best, most insightful and enjoyable of the whole tour.

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