One of the highlights for me of the trip is the opportunity to take students to visit the social enterprise KOTO. Better still is the opportunity for student to meet Jimmy Pham the founder. His story of this remarkable operation can be fully explored in the link KOTO – it is an amazing story of how one man can help change the link of so many through using hospitality skills to give young people a chance to make something of their lives. (some of students have had the most horrendous start to life). Some of his success stories ( there are hundreds) are truly inspiring.

Impressed with the work of KOTO the students made a generous donation to help further their work.

So here is the all important group photo



but personally here is the photo that is going ‘straight to the pool room’


I would strongly encourage people to explore the work of KOTO and give thought to donating to a very worthwhile effort.


One thought on “KOTO

  1. Great photo with Jimmy and a wonderful cause. The story behind Koto and those of the students are very inspiring. The students are very lucky to meet someone who has made such a significant difference to the lives of so many.

    Hope you enjoyed the food at Koto as much as we did.

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