It has finally begun

Well it has final arrived – the first day of the tour.

Arrived at the airport only to find the departures board still showing the earlier departure time ( this was not good for the collective stress level) BUT yes the plane was delayed, yes we had plenty of time, yes we…

To those who have started to fill out the emotions sections of the journey map there should be some interesting reactions to today. Thinking wrong time on departure board and visa processing (now there is a good case study to use in a Service Design Thinking exercise).

So here is this year’s crew eager to jump on the plane.



Some may notice a green turtle – this year’s mascot. Tim stuck his hand in his pocket and purchased the little fellow a ticket. “I am a bit flushed with cash” he said – “saved some money on some tiles – needed 4 packs less than I thought” he muttered. Be interesting what adventures a young turtle can get up to in a country like Vietnam.

We made it eventually – slightly tired but as you can see a bit excited by arriving HCMC


Now to the important things – that first bowl of Pho 😍


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