One sleep to go

It all happens tomorrow – A little later than expected but Tim apparently needs to finish some painting and needed a couple of extra hours πŸ˜…. There has been a flurry of last minute emails from Tim with that all important advice

“Just a couple of reminders for Saturday

Make sure you bring your passport and 2 copies of the visa form with photo (which needs to be different to your passport photo)
I need a contact phone number for everyone
I will provide the $45USD for the visa
I have all tour shirts – you can either pick them up from Bankstown tomorrow or you can get them at the airport (you will need to wear them on the plane”

What will this year’s tour bring – what great adventures await. And as four last year’s group – has it really been a whole year this this photo was taken?




One thought on “One sleep to go

  1. Good luck to team 2016! Look forward to all your posts. And as for the duelling blogs – Happy Buddha and Dr Timmy – may the games begin.

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