Eight Days

it is only 8 days and we leave for Vietnam – I admit I am excited.

This recognition of emotion is important in understanding customers and their experiences – including experiences such as these international student mobility workshops. Tim and I in the past year have been applying some service design thinking ideas and working with the notion of  customer journey mapping to plan and improve experiences. This trip to Vietnam is no exception.  We started by simply using the Jafari tourist model ( remember that ?) and then building on it to build a customer journey map that was more complex.  But we now need this year’s students to help take the concept map to the next level. We want to look at the range of emotions students  go through on the tour – what are the highs and lows.

So here is some context – a short video that looks at service design thinking and customer journey mapping.

The following video gives an insight into the concept of mapping emotions – we will be using a similar method. Different slightly to fit work we have already done and the format of a larger map we have begun using.

So it now up to our travelling companions to help out and chart the emotions of their trip. And yes Tim and I will be mapping our own emotions to help build and understanding of a staff persona.

wonder what emotion will be recorded for the first major road crossing 😱


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