Hoi An markets

I love markets – the sights, sounds, smells, touching and tasting. I love markets. This morning we visited the markets in Hoi An, old markets that local use, daily. This is a place to buy food and socialise.
Here is a quick unedited video of a stroll through the markets

Hoi An Markets   ( warning – not suitable for vegetarians)
And no it does not smell, nor is there flies – and everything is fresh not days? Old warped in cling wrap.


Quiet they said

The old Buddha is showing his age – we have arrived in Hanoi and headed out to dinner via a quick check into the hotel. The young ones scoffed their way through dinner devouring all sorts of exotic Vietnamese food. Things like pizza, pasta and roast chicken, all very strange. Anyway it was late – nearly 9 o’clock. I was reliably informed that things were shutting up and that old Buddha should head home.

Being old I wandered off in the wrong direction till I found a place to just sit and rest my old bones. A place that Leonard Cohen would describe as being quieter than heaven on the Saturday night – a place called beer corner.

Beer corner – a quick look

Group Photo

As per tradition on these tours – a group photo at Marble Mountain with the old Happy Buddha.


The 2015 Group


A couple of photos of the Hoi An coffee roaster – one of a new breed of shops in Hoi An that embrace the concepts of the experience economy.


On set in Hoi An

How many stories does a city like Hoi An have to tell? Today the streets were busy telling one more story for the cameras. So some photos of the photographers telling their story.


The Flaneur in Hoi An

Each year I try and set aside a little time in Hoi An to explore the city as a flaneur. To wander aimlessly I take in the city at a slower pace. To be part of the crowd but not of the crowd. To photograph the interesting detail of this amazing (world heritage listed) city rather than things that the city is famous for. Yes this indulgent but here is some detail of a most beautiful city. A flaneur’s perspective. 


Work Plans

Every year at work we sit down and agree what work we will undertake in the next 12 months. What teaching we will do, what research, community engagement and academic administration. Some times things crop up unexpectedly and these may need to be renegotiated.

Daniella, I would like to have a bit of a chat about todays task – thanks.

Water buffalo & happy (?) Buddha