Food in Saigon (and now heaps of other stuff)

The first meeting with students for this year’s adventure started me think about all the things I love about Vietnam. Normally in situations like this you would joke about it is hard to pick the one stand out thing but for me in Vietnam it is easily the food (and food culture – people are passionate about their food) Found this real great blog post written by young Canadian Jodi Ettenberg in her blog Legal Nomad . Jodie has been living in and working the digital nomad life style for a number of years and blogged some amazing food experiences. She has posted some really good foodie tips on eating in Saigon. Saigon street food is packed with suggestions and insight into what is an amazing food culture. also found this interesting video on Jodi’s career.

For me looking forward to that first Pho and a beer in a certain wet bar 😎


PS – like so many things on the net one interesting post lead to another and then another.

tapping into Jodi’s  blog ( some great stories and photos) linked to a range of other blogs that discuss working on the road and the trials and tribulations of the digital nomad life.

As somebody that works from a coffee shop a couple of days a week the following posts are of interest not just for the work but as a insight into the coffee culture of two amazing cities

Hanoi Cafes and Ho Chi Minh Cafes

And if that is not enough info – here is two web pages full of links to all sorts of info on Ho ChI Minh and Hanoi


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