Well our Vietnam adventure is over but what of Sandy? Her adventure is just beginning as she starts a hotel internship in HCMC.

You may remember we left Sandy in Hanoi, alone, with a tee shirt signed by the group as a memento to board a later flight to HCMC. The realities of her situation soon became apparent. Her tour was over. So how is she? What has she been doing? How was her first days in HCMC? So many questions….

But through the miracle that is FaceBook we stay in touch.

With sooooo many questions – all I managed was

So how was your first day? (Thankfully Sandy is a little bit better with the words)

It was great! 😃 The staff here are incredibly friendly! They’ve been taking me out almost every night to explore hcmc. I was meant to move to their hotel in district 7 on Monday but one of the staff really wanted me to stay so she called the general manager and asked if I could stay another day. Surprisingly she agreed that I could stay another week!
So I’ve just been helping out with breakfast service and they’ve also given me the task of designing a survey for customer feedback and also a survey for tourists. Today I had the task of taking the survey out on the streets and interviewing tourists. It’s a challenge, but I’ve been trying my best! The target is 100 interviewees by the end of the week.

What a fantastic adventure – we look forward to regular updates 😊


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