Getting the message out

One important aspect of the tour now is generating positive publicity. It is a fact of modern life that it is not enough to offer the participating students on the tour a transformational educational experience ( it is a shame we cannot post some of their reflective journal comments expressing the perception of the benefits) A simple thank you note to those that helped the tour no longer suffices. We also need to “drum up business” for the next tour. Today we need to be digital journalists with an engaging story to tell.

The iPad story


With 3 minutes of posting on FB – I had likes from Oman & Cyprus.

The Vietnam Swans – it is more than just football

Phil it seems has been hard at work on FB – the students and the jumper a newsworthy story across Asia.

On Yammer DrTimmy and I had a like on our story from the Vice Chancellor 😎😎😎😎 (very cool)

Just how many tweets on Twitter did Tim send talking up the students AFL adventure – well…. 40 tweets, 25 likes & 6 retweets πŸ˜‰

Our blog stats – have been the subject of much discussion. For me – I had views in 17 countries & the most popular post “it’s a guessing game”

But it is not just me – the students have all posted their adventure on FaceBook – friends and family commenting and re posting. An all important part of the tour is played out in social media.

For an old Buddha this can all seem a bit strange but social media has added a rich layer to the tour – another exciting dimension. And it has been fun.
Oh my most popular Instagram photo was


On the 27th of December Sandy posted the photo used below on her FB site. It formed the base for another post on Yammer.



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