Dinner – a simple affair


Sen Tay Ho is an amazing restaurant complex. It has a function space for 1000 (tonight there is a wedding for 800) the are smaller private areas and then there is the two buffet restaurants. Our buffet is shared with several 100 others and there is 200 hundred dishes to select from. Dishes vary from the everyday to the exotic (butterfly pupae), seafood to crocodile and there is dessert – a whole section of just desserts.

The morning talk from Gip the head chef is now thrown into perspective. The comment of a 100 plus chefs becomes real as you witness their effort and watch as they cook everything from BBQ to bowls of Pho. The quantity of food becomes tangible as the tonne of seafood per day has become those delicacies in front of you. The 150 kilos of rice per day has magical become a bank of dishes.

The talents of our kitchen master are evident – not just the cooking skill but the logistics, the HRM and given this award winning restaurant is 7 years old his financial skill. Gip you have my respect.

The morning tour of an empty restaurant and function space I find interesting. I watched the somewhat bored faces of a couple of students who do not realise they are privileged to see the beginning of a magic show.
The transformation of this.


Tonight it will be different. An army of people transform empty stations into gastronomic display. The flowers that sit in a heap on the floor will be arranged.

This is what confronts the students on return.



Then there is the food.


The result – you be the judge do they look well feed.


And to the students, for the card – thank you. But importantly it is the last night of the tour. There are places to go 😉 experiences to be had.


5 thoughts on “Dinner – a simple affair

  1. I don’t know about simple!! Its very complicated at that restaurant too many things to choose from. Did you make them eat bugs this year??

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