Blog On…..

With less than a week to go the media team are in overdrive drumming up interest in the student’s forth coming adventure.

Here is the copy from the school’s weekly newsletter

Blogs and the Vietnam study tour
Documenting the student experience

Has it really been a year since the Friday Flash ran a story on Colin Sheringham’s foray into blogging? His “Happy Buddha” blog attempted to document the Hospitality and Sport management student’s Vietnam study tour experience. This attempt at using an iPad & social media in teaching to value add the student experience proved popular at the time with family, friends and the students themselves. The blog was a easy means for others to engage with the student’s experience.

With this year’s tour to Vietnam poised for departure next Thursday, 27 November the use of social media as part of the learning experience will be expanded. This year you will be able to be part of the student’s adventures with two blogs as Tim Hall and Colin Sheringham both blog. In just one year we have witnessed the use of social media become a more common place part of the School’s approach to embracing the practices of Blended Learning.

Again we invite you to follow and actively engage with the student’s learning adventure. We are also confident that with the two blogs running it will be become a little competitive.

You can follow the blogs via the following links:

Tim Hall

Colin Sheringham


Social media has become an increasingly important part of teaching – a means of not just engaging students but also a wider community. Blogging the tour allows a conversation that is both globally immediate but also is enduring. It has been Interesting to talk to a couple of the young ladies from last year – they are looking forward to joining this year’s group on what can now be a shared adventure.

Looking forward to bringing the adventure to life.


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