Golf, FB and other interesting stuff

Hopefully the meeting last week started you thinking a little more about Vietnam – It is an amazing country – fully if surprises and contrasts.

There is a online magazine, Word Vietnam, that I have been reading that gives a insight into modern Vietnam.

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So to whet the appetite

A couple of the Sport Management students mentioned that they are interested in golf. And yes golf is big in Vietnam.


This maybe of interest.
golf holiday – Vietnam

From a 100 things to love about Vietnam




Did we mention food – I sure it came up in conversation


Even FB rates a mention – here FB is a good indicated of social change.


Tim check out page 102 – another field research project.

Anyway it is time to kickback sit on the blue stool and have a


The November edition is now available

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Happy Buddha video

It has been almost a year since we started the Happy Buddha blog to document the student trip to Vietnam – it has been a steep learning curve in the mysterious ways of social media.

Well the next trip is getting ready – just back from a meeting with this year’s participants. Dr Timmy has been giving them the good oil on all sorts of vital info. How not to get run over by 5000 motor-scoters, chop sticks how to use them ( Jessica you are famous 😊) and how to bargain… All good stuff.

So this year what to blog? How to make it interesting and boast those important ratings. Well it is video – yes Happy Buddha TV.

Thanks to Jason who bravely volunteered to be the first to sit on the ‘blue stool’ and be the subject of in depth interviewing

watch it here

Or try on Youtube Here

Hopefully a bit of fun and a interesting record of our adventure. Once we work the technology out 😉