The food…..

Here is an article from my FB stream today

Eating in Vietnam is almost a national sport – and they are good at it – for a good reason THE FOOD IS FABULOUS

Very much looking forward to that first bowl of Pho 😊


PA – guess where this photo was taken 😂



So Vietnam is on the horizon again this year. Planning has started an Tim has started all the lead up work. This year a number of new activities are planned as well as the tested ones. Looking forward to revisiting some and discovery of the new.

In terms of some of the free time – I have begun to look at some of the things available – things outside the normal tourist view.

So to start, a different perspective of Ho Chi Minh

I found this in a magazine I discovered

Word Vietnam

Defiantly worth a look. Here is the latest edition.


Anyway more reading to done, some planning to do.

This looks interesting – might be worth a try in Hanoi if it is up and running.
sound walk – Hanoi

Oh and if you want a ‘interesting’ look at Vietnam – watch the Top Gear Vietnam special – great road trip though the country and a good view of why one of the model boats is ‘difficult’ 😂